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Black Soul

by The Thuggees

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"Black Soul" The new single from The Thuggees released August 2013. Available to all right here or at iTunes for you Apple thugs.

The Thuggees Bio:
I called up Mr. starship recently and explained that we yet again needed to update our bio. What would we do this time to appear fun, but clever, relaxed but determined, and interesting in the face of a sea of contrived drivel? The wise have always strictly advised to follow the rules of sober, impartial and informative biographies. This is one hoop we care not to jump through.
The Thuggees are four very different and strong individuals. Elemental. Greater than the sum of the parts blah-dee-blah...It's a wonder how they exist in the same room. Jazz and RnB often grind up against Proto-Punk and Pop sensibilities. We fight sometimes and often make fun of each other. Occasionally we have bitched each other out on stage, but we try to tone that down.
Constant tension and poverty have forced us to concentrate on live performance. In two years we have only recorded six songs. A five song e.p. called "Eep" in March 2013, and the single "Black Soul" in August 2013. April 2014 sees the release of "Sketchy" and "The Puzzle". Eight songs in two years is pretty abysmal but at least many little gems wait in the wings.
You're only as good as your last song as far as I'm concerned and I don't care what you used to do. I thus have no interest in explaining what I or we used to do. There is nothing notable anyway. I've met lots of famous people but who really cares?
Live mercurial magic. Quick silver. Now we're talking. I leap in the air. Sometimes. Mr. Starship says that our shows are the closest thing to church for him. That boring? Exalting? I haven't asked.
Mr. Starship plays bass and sings a bit. Nathan Juby abuses Gibson guitars. Mike Sakell plays drums and sings a bit more. And me, Donovan Gopaul, I sing a lot, play guitar and write.
April, 2014


You drop the ice in the drinks
Pick up the scissors and say, well
I think we'll do it different today
You turn me around
And I don't have to speak
You know what I want and how I think
A single flame lights the way tonight
Then once again you'll burn away the boredom
From my life
...And you put on the dream
Like a bridal veil
Stroll past my window
In full regalia
You are the cream
And I am the shale
Though I tried to realize
Your vision
Is soul
And I'm too cold
Black beautiful
You left your black home
When you were 17
Cause your mama was silent
And your daddy was mean
They said you were a genius
Back when you were in school
You say it enough and you believe
It's true
We're all dreaming in the biggest lie
True love
I ate the pie in the sky
I watch you dance alone in the kitchen and it all
Makes sense to me
Why you cry
Your friends are too young
And I feel old
You've got a Monroe mole
And a black soul

If you could fly away like a bird
I know you would
Nothing contains you
You're only paralyzed
Neck up
If you've got a rule to break you
that life is good
If you can dance
Then you're
She's got a little black soul
I want a black soul
For my own


released August 20, 2013
Nathan Juby--Guitars
Bart Starship--Bass
Donovan Gopaul--vox, Guitars
Mike Sakell --Drums

Recorded at Kali Kreem--Kingston, Ontario.
Mastered by Donal Whelan, Hafod Studios, Wales, U.K.



all rights reserved


The Thuggees Kingston, Ontario

Crystalline pop gems with a dark gooey filling.
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